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That is where all the magick happens ;D
This, image might get many of you hungry, but it is my holder of all my special and important tools for energy Manipulation and magickal rituals of mine. Look close cause there's power right there!
This is my wand, from a few different angles.
That is the last photo of my charm many months ago, currently my charm has more parts and looks a bit worse xD haha.
If awesome could be held in an old cookie container then this is it's cousin :P

Please do notice that most of the representations of the elements that are in this picture are...
  • Feathers for Air.
  • Rocks for Earth.
  • Lit candle for Fire.
  • Seashell for Water.
<![CDATA[Metaphysical Literature Part: 1]]>Thu, 20 Sep 2012 15:58:34 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/metaphysical-literature-part-1Picture
Look mah' no legs!
Book: “BRUJAS, HOMBRES LOBOS Y VAMPIROS” por Renzo Vitallini

Most of you might notice that the book’s title is in spanish, so the book is in spanish.

If you did then you are correct :P

No worries I will translate! Book says Witches, Werewolves and Vampires! By Renzo Vitallini.

This book talks on many things of those three, and I’ll just give my comments, critiques and thoughts on the content that I will translate.

First part was on witches, it gave a detailed explanation on the superstitious phases in Europe, how brilliant men believed in the paranormal and feared it.

This part that I will go in depth talks on a man called “Juan el Rojo” Or Juan the Red.

This took place around 1314, where he was in court and they were deciding to burn him alive

(which they did, but be aware that he used the arts for killing or he supposedly did, but people were killed just for telling fortune by pouring hot candle wax into water...).

Juan declared to the jury and judges that he killed people with wax figurines and that he was an assassin.

How did he do this?

He claimed it was virgin wax which he collected by stealing from temples and churches that according to him he was protected by the gods of bad.

On a night of Tuesday or Saturday with no moon in a place far from town where he waited till midnight and invoked infernal potencies/forces  while he molded the figurine while concentrating mentally on the person that had to die, later he added hairs of that person, pieces of their finger or toe nails and etc of his target. After that he dressed the figurine in unwashed fragments of the target’s clothes.

Then he waited till the next Tuesday or Saturday so he could move the figurine to a sacred place and baptized with a few drops of holy water imposing the name of his target.

Afterwards he gives the figurine to the customer that paid for the curse and instructs them to slowly introduce it into fire when ever they wanted to while invoking Satan and concentrating mentally on the death of that enemy


#1: When it mentions him stealing wax from candles in holy places, I believe it makes sense, due to the theory of emotional imprints in objects, so if you follow that theory then those candles would have some very potent energy. Not saying he knew of this theory, but looking at it from a modern view with the understanding of theories, it makes sense.

This was more likely in my opinion a mental blockage; he believed that his practice that he called dark arts. (Which in reality isn’t real, there is no such thing as bad or good magick, just how you use it. Example being a hammer, you could use it to build things or you can utilize it as a weapon, magick is but a tool. That is why a few religions condemn it, magick or any metaphysical art puts power in the hands of the people.)

#2: Not fully sure why he chose such days (Moonless Tuesday or Saturday), will look it up soon and see if I can find any connections from multiple sources.

Midnight is considered a witching hour, just as much as Three A.M.

In his invoking of infernal potencies I am assuming he Invoked those forces as he charged the figurine with its specific energy, effectively utilizing its preexisting energies that I mentioned in note #1, also the energies won’t react to each other unless you believe their being polar opposites will make them react, remember, your mind is your best friend, but in ignorance your worst enemy (Not sure if I subconsciously remembered hearing that or I just thought it up :P, make what you will of it.)

#3: He focused on the person he was targeting so he could put their signature within the figurine so it makes a connection with them and making the curse/spell stronger, plus his intention of the purpose of the figurine.

#4: The hairs and other physical products of his target were added to make more anchors and connections of the person, plus those items, naturally have the energies of those that are around them most (being the person that made or wore them).

#5: Lol, still not sure on the importance of Tuesday or Saturday.

#6: Baptizing and imposing the name is just finishing the curse of this figurine.

#7: The last part is of the client invoking Satan and focusing on the death of the client’s enemy. Many magickians use godforms/entities/forces to power their spells.

You could just as easily invoke Satan to heal children with cancer with no after affects as you could invoke Buddha and Jesus to give cancer to others… would be hard since you would have to get past the passive nature of the godform, but it is possible in theory.

But you don’t use a hammer to paint, nor do you use a brush to hit nails, obviously you can, but they would be much more affective if you use them for their passive nature that you know in your understanding. Example being if you believe and read on Satan being good and not believing what you see on TV and movies then you could invoke him to heal with no repercussions. It really depends on your belief.

Me personally, I worship nothing nor think anything could force me to do something I truly wish not to do. But when it comes to the beliefs of others I would die for their right to have them, even if I disagree with them.

My belief system or paradigm is built on concepts from many religions that I found handy and liked them.
Be who you wish to be, if you want to believe in something then do it. Just remember that belief is a personal matter and there's not too much reason to put it the faces of others. If it is your blog or they ask you then fucking hard core :) go all out, but imposing it on others or imposing your lack of it isn’t helping anyone.
<![CDATA[Fighting Depression: Part 1]]>Thu, 20 Sep 2012 15:24:03 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/fighting-depression-part-1Picture

Many of us get depressed; I for one was once depressed due to one relationship with someone with a few bad experiences that made them want to commit suicide.
I stopped her from doing so around 15 times, most of those times I suddenly got a really bad feeling like when I was at a football game (I was a percussionist who was fond of playing xylophones and sometimes the cymbals in band)

Had my phone with my clothes and asked a friend if I could use his phone that he never let go of and texted her and got her not to do it. Getting her psychiatric help and helping her eventually piled up and took its toll on me emotionally.

I got depressed and couldn’t feel any emotions for around 3 months, I was just pretty much on autopilot, I was still nice and tried not to hurt the feelings of others with my not wanting to talk too much, never thought of suicide, since the problem is just temporary.

But depression is a serious thing, especially these days among teenagers, life is tough.

Wasting energies and focus on complaining on how bad it is won’t ever help you, which took me a long while to realize.

If you are depressed then just do these simple suggestions.

Programming your emotions till they balance out along with your body.


Every morning as soon as you wake up, and every night before sleeping I want you to close your eyes, sit comfortably with your back straight or chance falling asleep while laying down and list down mentally all the things that have ever made you happy or were important to you and after each one, clearly and mentally focus and say loudly in your mind, I AM HAPPY. Do this constantly for a week and if no results occur then try another, but I can almost positively tell you it will work if you do it everyday twice a day.

If you start feeling better don’t stop, keep doing it.

That would be like stopping all exercises you got in physical therapy after getting some good results.

 A healthy suggestion would be to never stop meditating so your general health just gets better.

Shield from and drain the bad energies

I want you to visualize your body, see it covered in slime or anything that symbolizes dirty and unhealthy.

Find an activity that always got you feeling emotional, be it bad or good.

It could be a song that gets you very sad, or one that makes you very happy.

Or it could be writing what ever is on your mind or emotions.
Whatever it is, make sure it gets you to react emotionally, or just get you engaged and focused, if you don’t get much emotional responses don’t worry.

Now I want you to do that activity, and in every pause of said activity I want you to visualize a golden bubble around you, visualize the slime(or the specific symbol of dirty/unhealthy) peeling off slowly, don’t worry you do not need it all off now, just do as much as you are comfortable, after each session I want you to visualize the golden bubble get very bright and warm, try remember the feeling of good and push it into the golden bubble and visualize it not allowing the slime or whatever from coming back.

Do these as soon as you wake up, and right before going to sleep.

P.S. You do not need to do the activity, you could just meditate and do the visualization, the activity is just meant to make the dirtiness easier to get off.
You don’t need to feel it, just visualize it taking off the amounts you are comfortable taking off.

These are just two, I will try to make new techniques for fighting depression so people have a wide variety to choose from. Also will post shout outs, advice, suggestions and comments from those that comment, or for bigger messages send me an email with the subject of "Blog: Deppression" to the email azure_phoenix@live.com

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If you don’t believe, then it cannot hurt you.

You’re belief makes you susceptible to the actions of life, things like tragedy, grief, terror and much more!

But also to things like love, joy, and happiness.

Cause if you notice, there are people without any emotions (It’s arguable but shhhhh ), but its hard to find people with just one kind of emotion, be it negative or positive, much less credible.

You cannot have one thing because you have to have the other to distinguish. (in the case of emotions, good, bad and other things)

You cannot live (with a living body) and be immortal, because death is the other side of the coin. Because by being alive, you will eventually die. If you won’t die, then you cannot be alive.

Just like you cannot be ONLY happy and not have the potential to feel sad, bad upset.

To never be hurt by anything or anyone, you would have to disbelieve in you existence, because like stated in the previous article like this, if it exists then it has the potential to be interacted with. And to actually disbelieve in your existence you would have to not be conscious to yourself, time and life. To not have your memory or the impression of your life and actions. Quite simply my dear friend, if you wish to be invulnerable to the actions of all others, then stop existing, but that’s silly, you don’t stay naked just because cloths can get dirty. Or not buying a computer because it will possibly break and will get old.

So if you seek to not be hurt or get rid of the potential for others to interact with you in different ways, then you have just failed hard. Please think about this sentence for a bit if you don’t get it.

So with all of that said, we are impervious to fully ruling our life without any potential of failure. If you are alive, then you are in the playing field, you just have the potential to rule your life, just that there are no absolutes and any success will probably need your effort.

This is a notice to you that you are in the game of life, my dear and very likely unknown friend.
Make the best out of it, because if you are alive, then your mission on earth is not over.

<![CDATA[Placebo effect]]>Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:46:56 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/the-monsters-in-the-dark-are-real-ooPicture
Our thoughts are very powerful, just like our beliefs.

There needs to be a balance of confidence so as not to have too little and making yourself weaker and to not have too much where it blinds you to your limitations.

This is all because of the placebo effect.

Following the concepts of the Placebo effect, you can actually make your own placebos and maybe boost your confidence if you need to:
How to make Placebo Pills

There is an infinite amount of things you can do with this effect, try it out, get some tic tacs and make your own placebo bottle.
<![CDATA[Complex Symbol Constructs]]>Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:34:07 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/complex-symbol-constructsPicture
Psi nukes have been popular for such along time, so in my thinking its base power is mostly on what it symbolizes.

Yes, a weapon of mass destruction.

I could use a deranged squirrel construct with the same programming and energy as my nuke, but the nuke will always do and be more damaging, because its popularity has grown into a well known and feared symbol.

So why can’t I not do this in tech?

A few examples could be a construct with the shape of a factory for producing a massive amount of constructs, a machine gun taped to a tank (lol) for dense, raw power, explosive and a massive rate of firing. Now this example seems silly, but it’s the simplest one I’m sharing now, I’d like to keep my more brilliant ideas till I’m ready for better ones and think them up.

I just stated a basic idea where those that want to do it can actually think and come up with their own system/paradigm. Though I am very curious on what people do, so if you do use and post on this, leave a link down here so I can post them on the forums, and even comment and share more.

<![CDATA[Lesson 4: Argue for your limitations and they are yours!]]>Wed, 12 Sep 2012 14:37:07 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/lesson-4-argue-for-your-limitations-and-they-are-yoursPicture
Lesson four: Argue for your limitations and they are yours!

One not too well known fact is that energy follows thoughts.

So for you to have a successful existence you must control your thoughts, and change your way of thinking so you do not put life against yourself.

Do not say “I can’t”, “I’m not good at…” or etc that describes you unable to do something, or do it well.

There is no point saying it, the only thing you can do is focus on making your biggest weakness your biggest strength.

If you actively do this, you will advance past the stars in whatever thing you wish to do.

They may seem like just another word or a small amount of energy, but it all adds up, the rain wears away mountains.

Try to actively avoid doing such things and see how your quality of life and general mental, physical and emotional health drastically increases.

Do you’re self a favor and stop making unnecessary obstacles for your self, you should be climbing rather than digging deeper into your comfort zone.

True happiness and knowledge is found outside of your comfort zone.

Starting or getting into the flow of meditation

Face it, if you are young then you most likely HATE meditation or just say you aren’t good focusing on it and, very few of you will do it constantly.

Meditation is much more important then you can imagine, scientist are finding many benefits for meditation all the time, NASA is studying it to see if they could use it in space travel, that and much more is going on this day and that isn’t even mentioning the metaphysical benefits and implications within it.

You either get into meditation or risk conforming with mediocrity.

That’s all there is to it, till today, there has not been anyone who has gone far without meditation.

Do not say it isn’t for you, either get into it or don’t waste your time being a halfway every way person. You either are in this entirely or you aren’t don’t waste your time when you could be doing something you want to do fully.

Now here is one method to getting into the habit of meditation, that should not be used consistently, not because its bad for you, but because it will become a crutch to you, you don’ want to need this method to do any meditation.

Now, you will need to buy a thin and long candle, the cheaper the better, yo, economy be tough, yo.

Preferably a light color, not to represent good or positivity but for another purpose which will be discussed right after this sentence.

I want you to get a black marker to put several evenly spaced lines on your candle, each space being as big as you are willing to meditate for, each marker is a goal.

Your weekly goal will be of a different color.

You will have to decide what your goal will be, bee (Buzz)it one inch per every 3 days, 2 days or one inch everyday

Once you go through at least 2 and a half candles each being 6 inches or more in height a month, then you should be able to meditate with out hassle every day.

Once you get to this point, then you will not need the candles, in fact you NEVER needed them, they just make getting into the habit of meditation easier.

Do it for as long as you wish, just try to add at least 10 minutes a month, you don’t have to add so little or so much, do as many as you are comfortable doing, but be aware that everything outside of your comfort zone bears the possibility of finding the fruit of Excellency.

Please by everything that is Sasquatch, do not be a bloody idiot and not have water at hand. It only takes one occasion to burn ye face off and in worse cases die and harm others with your stupid ass actions.

 Fire is awesome, take it from another minor pyromaniac, but fire actually burns. AND will kill if tempted. So be smart, prepared and not mess with it more than you need to.

You are free to meditate with a candle once in a while if you wish, just NEVER do it constantly, because it will become a handicap and even in serious cases your wallet O: THE HORROR!

Be safe people, most of all try to learn~

                                                    Magick Mental Training

Let us then learn how to produce an absolute vacancy of mind. Lie down comfortably on a bed or sofa or sit in an armchair and relax your whole body.

Close your eyes. Energetically dismiss any thought coming upon you.

Nothing at all is allowed to happen in your mind; an absolute vacancy of mind must reign.

Now hold on to this stage of vacancy without digressing or forgetting. At first, you will manage to do so for only a few seconds, but by practicing it more often, you will surely succeed better at it.

The purpose of the exercise will be attained if you succeed in remaining in this state for a full 10 minutes without losing your self-control or even falling asleep.
Carefully enter your success, failure, duration of your exercises and eventual disturbances in a diary.

Such a diary will be useful to check your progress.

The greater the scrupulousness you use in doing so, the more easily you will undergo all the other exercises.
Prepare a working schedule for the coming day or week, and most of all, indulge in self-criticism.

<![CDATA[Something I would really like to do]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2012 07:25:25 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/something-i-would-really-like-to-do I would hope to fill or a seasonal forum with the best minds in all things metaphysical, have them put forth their questions, discuss and look for answers that will be found in all the different minds powering through questions that they have asked themselves within many rigorous discussions. All claims and answers will be attacked and defended in a civil way, those that cannot handle it will be voted out.

And every few months all discoveries, projects and announcements will be published for ALL of the public.

That would be something really awesome. I'd be willing to plan it with others that would be interested. Just shoot me a message at Azure_phoenix@live.com 
<![CDATA[Scanning the Olympics, London 2012]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2012 07:12:50 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/scanning-the-olympics-london-2012SCANNING THE OLIMPICS!
07/28/2012  Around 2:00 PM EASTERN TIME

First try: Light Scan:

 I saw two oval like shapes, did not see them entirely.
Saw a sort of tear inbetween them, appeared as if the sides were grinding.

Second try: Focused scan:
Saw a big eye.

Big entities moving around in the background, meditated for 5 minutes before looking. Have not seen much activity yet or experienced distinguishable emotional responses from myself due to being able to calm myself very fast.
Seeing several cloaked entities, assuming they are not hugely powerful or they could be a lot more powerful but pretty well cloaked.

Third try: Deep scan:

Brief and very vivid image of a stone structure, seemed old and either imagination or something else.
A lot of energy going towards it, likely sources is all the energy each event within it makes people react AKA fanatics, plus the energy from all the people watching.
Have experienced a strong drain, I doubt anything is directly pulling on me, more like the major general flow pulled on me due to my involvement, very big energy flow.

<![CDATA[Gold Lined Stormer *Lightning flashes in the background*]]>Fri, 07 Sep 2012 15:49:22 GMThttp://metapara.weebly.com/azurephoenix/gold-lined-stormer-lightning-flashes-in-the-backgroundPicture
Square shaped monolith, gave it a thick outer layer of deep and thick earth energy.
Its purpose is to connect to storms, lightning and general powerful energies of storms to collect and store its potent energies.

I used the essence and interesting energy of the gold in mountains a few miles away, I tend to just call it essence of gold.

Seems to help in making everything potent as fuck, either it’s a placebo in my mind or I dunno, seems to just make things work better, if I believe it and it appears so then I will assume it does, especially if it helps my paradigm, if it doesn’t show such characteristics during spars, interactions with others, manipulations of reality and chance, then I gots some changings for mah paradigm, yo.

Energies of a tropical storm/nearly a category 1 hurricane


Hard to gain access of, that’s for sure.

Well, not really. I was meditating right after waking up (I should do it more often) and I actually really like storm energies (Doesn’t everyone?), to me it seems like a pressurized flow of water with a tough outer layer, not hard, it is more like a flexible fluid with its outer layer as easy to penetrate as a tire wheel. (Do not read that literally, I am just saying this thing doesn’t pop and doesn’t seem if you did puncture it hat it would react with popping, could compare it to jello with its outer skin just not wanting to break.
It does, I focus a bit and it does.
It is obviously potent as “H E double hockey sticks” (excuse my sasquatchnese).
I’m not assuming, really, its just that when I first drew it to me it felt purty potent.

I used my gold lined stormer to connect and form several huge pipes to drain storm energies for my house defenses and Comet Net.



Thank you C: